Svensk blog om spårning (länk)

Get to know your own senses by practicing “tracking” a metaphor for sensing, observing, reading patteran and signs that can tell a story. Tracking allows us to open up to what is emerging new. Everything leaves a track, even the wind. It gives u an opportunity to focus on our own journeys and to address some core guestions the matter in work and in life. Tracking helps pushing our awareness to a higher level. The philosophy of the “eye of the tracker is based on two simple questions: “What happened here?” and What is this telling us?”

Good medicine” comes when we are in Connection. It’s then that we have access to our fullest creativity and communication with the world. So, review your good medicine – your moments of full aliveness and connection, as a first step. Backtrack the stepping stones of your vision and gifts, the path of your journey. You can see that what is feeding your creative path is not about you and your ego; it’s about service and what supports the future generations. We track patterns of synchronicity and connections with nature; we recall these moments that help us to see ourself, and we realize that there are these moments when nature helps us to move forward on our path, when there is a deep communication from nature to our inmost self. Someone might have special connections to thunder and lightning, or to a turtle; these specific connections can even pass across generations in a family lineage. What are you especially connected to in nature? Track these connections, celebrate them. Remember they are part of your story. They are teaching you something“.

– Jon Young


Why tracking ?

• To practice inner concentration and focusing
• To sharpen your senses and instincts
• To train your intuition
• To learn from and about nature
• To experience how focus on wholeness supports the understandings of the details
• To have a profound experience of nature.

Where & when?

In our programs, Sensing, Nature Quest and Conscious Leadership