This is the way you should feel when you make decisions that affect so many people, now and in the future.”

That feeling, expressed many years ago by a high-ranking executive, resting for a moment of reflection on a mountain slope, has been central in the development of the vision and the concept for our programs. The purpose of  WiLD is by re-connect to Nature and develop the inherent know-how and intuition, the slumbering instincts and talents here and now, will be accessible in everyday life.

You will take home with you a better calibrated inner compass that allows you to summon up balance and focus in your everyday working life. When you are a complete person, you will feel, and be seen to be, more on the ball and focused in the places where decisions are made.

True leadership is about creating a domain in which we continually learn and become more capable of participating in our unfolding future“. – Joseph Jaworski

Our metodes include the U-process for heuristic discovery:
Sensemaking – Learn to observe and understand the current reality
Presencing – learn to go deep within and tap into your inner wisdom
Realising – learn to crystallise the tacit knowing to usable strategies, decisions ore products.









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Conscious Leaders

When we experience the dynamics of life and nature we also get the opportunity to re-learn and meet ourselves through the renewed contact with our slumbering senses, our atavistic instincts and natural intuition. The ability to develop as a leader depends on the inner state of mind of the individuals.
When we begin to regard ourselves as a part of wholeness, when we dare to let go, things around us start to happen. There is a flow of meaning around us, as if we were a part of a greater conversation, sometimes called the flow. The exercises practised aim to give the whole of man nourishment and energy. We supply the place, the tools and the knowledge for body, senses, intellect, feelings and spirit.