Magic Places with Space for Insight

Peter Senge on Nature Awareness (MP3)

In our classroom the skies are high, offering grand views as well as deep insights. Nature has all the time in the world. When you are out there, you automatically relax when you carry out procedures like packing, hiking, setting up camp, fishing or just walking. Weather and wind, light and darkness, hunger and thirst are factors that divide our time organically in total accord with nature. A place is wild when its order is created according to its own principles of organization when it is self-willed land.

All change starts with the individual, and self knowledge is a fundamental prerequisite for change. Under a star-strewn sky, to the soothing crackle of a fading fire, after hours of silence with a paddle in your hands – there, far from the ticking time traps of everyday life you stand a fair chance of meeting yourself and your true desire and deepest longing. Out there in the wilderness the tiring internal struggle between what you want to do and what you think you must do becomes visible.

Insight – Wild by Naturakademin Learning Lab

Photo: Vålådalens Naturreserv

When you rest your back against a tree, neither moving nor speaking, you will soon hear the animals you scared off when you arrived slowly returning to reclaim their territory. Memories and thoughts from your childhood will also return. And maybe that special feeling will emerge: the notion that everything are inter-connected and hangs together, and that it is vital you make full use of your time on earth.

Living systems – Nature as a blueprint

The fundamental idea in WiLD is that nature is our best teacher in a world in constant change. The coordinating principal of nature is the relation during change: individuals, systems, the environment, rules and the processes of evolution. Even change changes. Life makes use of this chaos to create functional solutions. Life itself is formed around identity. Every living creature acts to develop and to preserve it self. Identity is a filter every organism uses to make the world understandable. New information, new relations, changing environments all is interpreted through the filter of identity. Every organism creates new rules and exceptions and interprets the rules anew. When living organisms get together systems are created which give the individual more possibilities and freedom. That is why life organises itself, which is why it seeks out systems so that everything can flourish. The likeness to the new economy is astonishing. Constant and fast change is the only thing that is constant.


Our Campsites

IMG_9818 (1)

Photo: Ottfjället Vålådalen

Our programs take place in the Stockholm Archipelago and the Vålådalen nature reserve, which also is the area of the Sámi village ”Handöls Sameby”. This is a fantastic landscape where the Solo Quests is taken place above the timberline. The area is safe and clean. Our local guides are the from the Same people and reindeer owners. They share their insights and experience of a sustainable lifestyle, the Sámi way.


Photo: Ekskäret, Äpplarö Naturereserv

Nature as the classroom