WiLD by Nature Academy (link)

The mission  – is to let people experience and develop their inherent know-how and intuition, their slumbering instincts and talents here and now, in everyday life. To discover the beauty of the small and the large, by being in and enjoying nature to its full.
Wild brings together the essence of Wisdom, Insight, Leadership, and Dialogue (read more)

Wisdom – Transforming Sensing (link)
Insight – Transforming Self and Will (link)
Leadership & Dialogue – Transforming Action (link)

Magic Places – We uses nature as a classroom, laboratory and teacher and our guides regard themselves more as guides to the beauty and wisdom of nature rather than teachers in a traditional sense. Read more.

Pathfinders – We cooperates with people who with humbleness and true sensitivity, want to share their wisdom, experience, and knowledge. Among these are the local population, biologists, physicians, doctors, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs, economists, consultants, social workers and many others. Read more

Process – Our Concept – “When meeting Nature, you also get to meet yourself“! The beauty of nature touches all human beings and brings meaning and content to our lives. Deep down, we all feel a kinship with nature and recognize that everything belongs together. That we are, after all, one Being. Read more

The founder – Göran is a strategic management consultant mainly focused on sustainability and the inner condition of leaders and how to cultivate deep and lasting change in organizations through executive teams. At the beginning of 1990, he started to utilize nature as the main teacher and classroom for innovation and change and started Naturakademin. He is committed to bringing the transformative and immersive, transformative learning experience out to business and the community.  Read the article (Swedish):

Take a look at this film from Tällberg Forum that gives you a feel for who, we are and what we do.