WiLD Sensing

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WiLD Sensing

Get to know your own perception by practicing “sensing”, a metaphor for tracking, observing, reading pattern and signs that can tell a story. Sensing and tracking allows us to open up to what is emerging new. Everything leaves a track, even the wind. It gives you an opportunity to focus on your own journey and to address some core questions the matter in work and in life. Tracking helps pushing our awareness to a higher level. The philosophy of the “eye of the tracker” is based on two simple questions: “What happened here?” and What is this telling us?”

Intuition, presents one of the most interesting aspects of the art of tracking, the sense of intuition as a blend of all the other senses, combined into one. By exercising each sense individually, we are able to build a more powerful intuitive sense. In tracking, the senses are taking in a vast amount of information – sound waves from birds, wind and animals; visual impressions ranging from the color and dampness of the soil to the crispness of the edges of the track that help determine its age; the scent of the air, soil and plants; bodily sympathetic feelings generated by a sensation of the movement or gait patterns evident in the tracks; and so much more.

Somehow all of this information comes together to help the tracker paint a picture of the story of the tracks. Intuition can be seen as a vehicle allowing the deeper parts of the tracker’s awareness to help synthesize the meaning and interrelationships of complex data. In a way, this is a natural process that we all engage in every day to some extent.

Cultivate your senses

• To practice inner concentration and focusing
• To sharpen your senses and instincts
• To train your intuition
• To learn from and about nature
• To experience how focus on wholeness supports the understandings of the details
• To have a profound experience of nature.

Göran Gennvi is a favored expert in Transformative Development, both on a personal and organizational level. Göran’s trademark is “Circles of Trust and Quests for Wholeness”.