Wild Pathfinder

What is a WiLD Pathfinder

A person who is perceived as genuine and authentic, and that creates interest, respect and commitment of others”.

True leadership and connection go hand and hand. Without highly developed connections, a leader bases their decisions on narrow spectrums of experience and relationships. All decisions we make as human beings are shaped within us, founded upon our previous experiences and the influences of “our” internal and external realities. If leadership decisions are made solely based on our immediate human wants and desires, without a well-developed state of awareness, the results can be destructive. This can be perceived every day in the news in regard to policy-makers, corporations and countries with continual disregard for the health of the natural environment. There is a terrible disconnection between the value of the natural world and the needs/wants of the modern human.

Our current leaders are both a product and propagators of this disconnection.
The expression of a state of being which is not in healthy relationship is what I call the “Disconnection Sickness.” This sickness and its symptoms have been a part of humanity for a very long time.

Ancient cultures developed techniques to help people heal from this sickness and ensure life continued. These same techniques, WiLD Practices, are just as applicable today as they were in the past, and even more needed. WiLD Practices are what ensured the development of the community leaders and invested stakeholders in each generation of wisdom cultures; these were the ones that guided their community in healthy relationships with balance towards sustainable and regenerative futures. WiLD was generated using these ancient and proven practices which develop human beings’ awareness of interconnection.

Leadership with connection is basing decisions and policy from a place of awareness of relationships and interdependence over the long term. Leaders with connection are aware of their past; they are working towards a making the future a better place for all life, including human beings. Leadership with connection is not just addressing an immediate human’s needs and wants, with the attendant long term destruction that can follow such a short-sighted agenda.

Part of the path of the WiLD process is to ensure that the participants develop the ability to become the Pathfinders of the next generations of leaders. By providing participants with the tools and techniques to build connection both for themselves and others, we are ensuring this ancient wisdom will be passed on and regenerate future leaders. The development of future WiLD Pathfinders is implicit with in the project.

The course aims
The course aims to create the conditions of the participant to find their own authenticity. This by providing tools and training for leadership through personal development with nature as teachers and classrooms. To experience and develop their own innate knowledge, intuition and their slumbering minds.
For whom
This course is for those who in their daily lives and their work would contribute to development and change towards a more sustainable future for themselves, their family, their organization and those organizations are for. It may be members, customers, patients, students or any other category. The foundation is the same.
Three pillars form the supporting infrastructure. The locations of development programs ie scenery, pathfinders (course leaders) – individuals with a passion to share their wisdom and knowledge and has a motivation and understanding of experience-based learning and the process that takes inspiration from many wisdom sources. The method has been used since the early 90’s and at the Tällberg Forum since 2006. See also movie example above.

This course gives you;
• Tools to be your own leader
• Tools to develop and lead others
• Tools to implement courses and training in wild methodology.
• Training in personal development
• Training in dialogue
• Training in Physical Presence

Göran Gennvi is a favored expert in Transformative Development, both on a personal and organizational level. Göran’s trademark is “Circles of Trust and Quests for Wholeness”.