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“This is the way you should feel when you make decisions that affect so many people, now and in the future.” That feeling, expressed many years ago by a high-ranking executive, resting for a moment of reflection on a mountain slope, has been central in the development of the vision and the concept for WiLD by Naturakademin.

Our purpose is to help people re-connect to true Nature and develop the inherent know-how and intuition, the slumbering instincts and talents here and now, in everyday life. To discover the beauty of the small and the large, by being in and enjoying nature to its full. Welcome to WiLD by Naturakademin Learning Lab AB.


WiLD – Wisdom, insight, Leadership and Dialogue

WiLD – Wisdom, insights, Leadership and Dialogue – Transformative personal development based on experience. We create opportunities not only for intellectual understanding but for transformational and practical, learning experience.



Self – Re-calibrated your inner compass that allows you to summon balance and focus in the places where decisions are made. Immerse yourself and listen inwards. Re-connect to the inner, outer and true nature.

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We – Conscious Leadership is based on connection from a place of awareness of relationships. How to form new meaning through conversation and and to deal with uncertainty as a servant for Self, We and wider We.

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Wider we – cultivate your understanding of what is true, right, or lasting; the power to decide wisely. A Wisdom displayed in “common sense and good judgment. A knowledge that stands the test of time.

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As “WiLD” you will take home with you a better calibrated inner compass that allows you to summon up balance and focus in your everyday working life. When you are a complete person, you will feel, and be seen to be, more on the ball and focused in the places where dialogue turn into decisions and wisdom grows..


Gratitude is a simple means to refocus ourselves in the present moment and remember that life is full of beauty and synchronicity. Give thanks each day with gratitude for all things, from the water and sun to the insects and animals. Gratitude is a simple means to refocus ourselves in the present moment and remember that life is full of beauty and synchronicity. This action automatically begins to affect a person’s attitude, energy patterns, and reinvigorates the connections we hold dearest in our hearts. Thanksgiving address, is a very important part of ceremonial and social gatherings.

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Nature Quest is a guided wilderness experience built around a Solo time alone in nature. It’s a contemporary version of the ancient ritual of going into nature alone for contemplation, renewal and realignment. Retreating alone in wild nature and sharing your experience with other participants provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life and work while reconnecting to nature.

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Native people all around the world has used nature as a classroom for thousands of generations. Everything leave a track, therefore, tracking has always been the ultimate training for learning to observe, to se, to listen. Sensing and suspending is a core competences for the tracker as well as redirection, to “turning the attention toward the source rather than the object”. A tracker must develop a questioning awareness, following mystery after mystery until all secrets are revealed.

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”At the root of the ecological divide is the separation between the, senses and the self. Here we enter the ”aesthetics” dimension of the ecological crises. The term ”aesthetics” comes from the Greek word, aistesks, ”sensual sensing”; it means activating all our senses. Unless we rediscover our senses as gateways to the living field our around us, we will newer resolve the environmental crisis. Just as the social divide reflects the loss of the other on an interpersonal level, the ecological crisis reflects the loss of the senses as gateways in to the living fields of nature. People often fill the void left by the loss of the senses with consumption – which in turn deepens the exterior manifestation of the ecological crisis”. – Otto Scharmer, Theory U

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Join us for a Nature Quest as we embrace the spaciousness and unique qualities of the wilderness. Nature Quest is a powerful awareness training and mindfulness meditation retreat, balancing time with like-minded peers with a nature solo.

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In our classroom, the beautiful nature, the skies are high, offering grand views as well as deep insights. “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John Muir


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